ESSEX: Equipping Sparse Solvers for Exascale

- within SPP 1648: Software for Exascale Computing -

gigaFLOPS: 109
teraFLOPS: 1012
petaFLOPS: 1015
exaFLOPS: 1018
The interdisciplinary ESSEX consortium consists of five groups from the University of Erlangen, Computing Center Erlangen (RRZE), Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), University Wuppertal, University Greifswald. Combining the experiences of computer scientists, mathematicians, and physicists we address the fundamental and application specific challenges of high-performance computing at the exascale level. Classic and new sparse iterative algorithms are employed together with advanced quantum state encoding techniques. The concepts, methods and software building blocks developed in our project will serve as templates for many scientific applications.
Preliminary website.
Contact: A. Alvermann